KDDockWidgets for QtQuick requires Qt >= 6.2.1.

Qt 5.15 will probably work, but it's not built or tested by KDAB CI, we advise users to move to Qt 6 as soon as possible.

By default a KDDW build will support both QtWidgets and QtQuick. If you only need QtQuick then you should configure KDDW with:


If you do have both QtWidgets and QtQuick support built, then don't forget to:



  • QtGraphicalEffects is not supported, as it's buggy when moving between different QWindows. See for example QTBUG-94943, KDDockWidgets issue #213. Also search the Qt bug tracker for "QQuickItem: Cannot use same item on different windows at the same time"

  • Very rarely, in some Nvidia/X11 setups, floating/docking has noticeable lag (like 1 second) This could be solved by going to Nvidia's settings and making sure all monitors have the same refresh rate and disabling "Allow Flipping". It's not known why this solves it. Might also be a bug in Qt.

  • "EGLFS: OpenGL windows cannot be mixed with others" QtQuick on EGLFS does not support having more than 1 window. This is a known QtQuick limitation. The QtWidgets stack worksaround this by compositing all windows into a single native window.

  • module "QtQuick.Controls" is not installed

Set the QML_IMPORT_PATH env var pointing to your Qt qml plugin dir or check the Qt documentation on how to deploy QtQuick applications.

# Replace with your actual path
export QML_IMPORT_PATH=/home/user/Qt/5.15.2/gcc_64/qml