KDDockWidgets works with WebAssembly with the following known limitations:

  • Depending on the browser, glitches, slowness, or lack of transparency while dragging windows might happen. This is specially true on Linux on browsers with 3D acceleration disabled. Please file a bug with Qt or your distro as it's out of scope for KDDW to fix.

  • Qt 5 WASM probably works, but is unsupported and untested.

  • KDDW QtQuick is untested on WASM


A demo is available at https://demos.kdab.com/wasm/kddockwidgets/dockwidgets.html.

Building KDDW

This can be done by following the generic instructions at https://doc.qt.io/qt-6/wasm.html.

For a Linux system, it's something like this (adjust paths):

$ source ~/emsdk/emsdk_env.sh
$ em++ --version # Needs to be 3.1.37 for Qt 6.6.0
$ cd KDDockWidgets/
$ ~/Qt/6.6.0/wasm_multithread/bin/qt-cmake --preset=wasm-release
$ cd build-wasm-release/
$ ninja kddockwidgets

Builds tips for your own app

  • Use qt_add_executable instead of add_executable, otherwise the *.html file won't be generated.
  • Link to libkddockwidgets-qt6.a
  • As the build is static, don't forget to initialize KDDW's resources:
#ifdef QT_STATIC