Custom Behaviour

While KDDockWidget's defaults work for most users, it contains countless settings that can be adjusted.
The main place to find tunable behaviour is in Config.h.
Go over all method's documentation and feel free to use anything not marked as @internal.

The Config::Flag is particularly interesting. Example:

#include <kddockwidgets/Config.h>


Other useful places to modify:

  • KDDockWidgets::DockWidgetOptions (passed via DockWidget CTOR)
  • KDDockWidgets::MainWindowOptions (passed via MainWindow CTOR)
  • KDDockWidgets::RestoreOptions (passed via LayoutSaver CTOR)
  • Possibly other enums in KDDockWidget.h
  • All the API in core/DockWidget.h, qtwidgets/views/DockWidget.h, qtquick/views/DockWidget.h
  • Private API