full example

This example tries to show most of KDDockWidget's functionality in a single example.
It is not meant to be copy-pasted entirely. Instead, copy only the functionalities you need.

Note: This example is not as complete as the QtWidgets counter-part, it's missing many options that are supported by our QtQuick implementation but just not showed in the example.

View the source at GitHub.

Run ./bin/qtquick_dockwidgets --help to see the available options:

KDDockWidgets example application

  -h, --help                Displays help on commandline options.
  --help-all                Displays help including Qt specific options.
  -t                        Hide titlebars when tabs are visible
  -z                        Show tabs even if there's only one
  -b                        Floating dockWidgets have maximize/restore buttons
                            instead of float/dock button
  -k                        Floating dockWidgets have a minimize button.
                            Implies not being an utility window (~Qt::Tool)
  --no-qttool               (internal) Don't use Qt::Tool
  --no-parent-for-floating  (internal) FloatingWindows won't have a parent
  --no-drop-indicators      (internal) Don't use any drop indicators