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Bug Reporting

Please submit your issue reports to our GitHub space.

When reporting bugs please make it easy for the maintainer to reproduce it. Use examples/minimal/ or examples/dockwidgets/ for reproducing the problem. If you did modifications to the example in order to reproduce then please attach the patch and not a picture of your changes. You can get a patch by doing git diff > repro.diff at the repo root.

Also state which KDDW sha1, branch or version you're using, and which operating system.

KDAB will happily accept external contributions; however, all contributions require a signed KDAB Copyright Assignment Agreement.

  • Individual contributors (non-employees) are required to electronically agree to the KDAB CLA using the GitHub cla-assistant hook.

  • Employees, representing their company, must email a completed and signed KDAB Copyright Assignment Agreement to

This is needed so we can continue to dual-license it.

Contact for more information.

Thanks to our contributors.