Kuesa Runtime

KuesaNode QML Type

Base class for nodes that require a Kuesa::SceneEnity for assets * insertion or retrieval. * * The KuesaNode class is a convenience wrapper that handles setting a * SceneEntity property on a node. It also automatically traverse the QObject * tree hierarchy to find if a Kuesa::SceneEntity is part of the hierarchy. If * so and if no Kuesa::SceneEntity was provided by the user, it will set the * sceneEntity property to that. * *. More...

Since: Kuesa 1.3
Instantiates: KuesaNode
Inherited By:

Asset, GLTF2Importer, and MeshInstantiator


Detailed Description

* * * * * *

Note: It cannot be instantiated directly in QML

Property Documentation

sceneEntity : Kuesa::SceneEntity

Pointer to the SceneEntity with which assets are registered as they are loaded from the glTF file.

See also Kuesa::SceneEntity.