Kuesa Runtime

Asset QML Type

Asset is to access names nodes loaded from a glTF 2 file in a SceneEntity. More...




Detailed Description

When loading a scene from a glTF 2 file, the resulting nodes are inserted into various collections. They can then searched for by name within these collections.

Asset provides a declarative way of retrieving assets by name within a specified collection or the entire scene.

If a collection is provided, the search will be limited to that collection. Otherwise, the search will be done in all collections, returning the first asset matching the name.

Conveniently, to set or retrieve properties from the node, a property forwarding mechanism is available.

To set values on a the asset node, one can simply do:

 Asset {
     collection: scene.cameras
     name: "CameraName"
     readonly property float aspectRatio: 16/9

The node's matching property is initialized if a valid default value is provided.

For properties that should be read from the node and not necessarely used to initialize the node, omit the readonly keyword.

 Asset {
     collection: scene.cameras
     name: "CameraName"
     property float aspectRatio

See also Kuesa::SceneEntity and Kuesa::AbstractAssetCollection.

Property Documentation

collection : Kuesa::AbstractAssetCollection

Defines in which collection the asset name will be searched for.

Note: If undefined, the name will searched for in all the scene's collection.

name : string

The name of the asset. The asset collections will ensure that the name is unique within a collection, but the same name may be used in different collections.

[read-only] node : Qt3D.Core::Node

The resulting asset. Will be null if no scene is loaded or if the names asset is not found.