Kuesa Runtime

ViewConfiguration QML Type

ViewConfiguration provides a way of conveniently specifying different views of the same scene. More...

Since: Kuesa 1.4
Instantiates: ViewConfiguration


Detailed Description

Property Documentation

backToFrontSorting : bool

Holds whether back to front sorting to render objects in back-to-front order is enabled. This is required for proper alpha blending rendering. Enabled by default.

cameraName : string

The name of the camera asset that should be used to view the scene. If the name references a valid camera, the camera will automatically be set on the ForwardRenderer frameGraph and other internal assets such as Kuesa::TransformTracker.

clearColor : color

Holds the color used to clear the screen at the start of each frame.

[default] exposure : real

Exposure correction factor used before the linear to sRGB conversion.

frustumCulling : bool

Holds whether frustum culling is enabled or not. Enabled by default.

[default] gamma : real

Holds the gamma value to use for gamma correction that brings linear colors to sRGB colors.

layerNames : list<string>

The list of KDAB_layers layer names to be selected for rendering. This allows selecting only a sub part of a glTF 2 model to only render parts that are linked to a specific layer.

particlesEnabled : bool

Holds whether particles support is enabled. Disabled by default.

[default] toneMappingAlgorithm : ToneMappingAndGammaCorrectionEffect.ToneMapping

Tone mapping specifies how we perform color conversion from HDR (high dynamic range) content to LDR (low dynamic range) content which our monitor displays.

[default] usesStencilMask : bool

Enables/disables stencil buffers. If true, stencil operations be used during the render phase to modify the stencil buffer. The resulting stencil buffer can later be used to apply post process effect to only part of the scene

viewportRect : rect

Holds the viewport rectangle from within which the rendering will occur. Rectangle is in normalized coordinates.

zFilling : bool

Holds whether multi-pass zFilling support is enabled. Disabled by default.