Kuesa Runtime

ToneMappingAndGammaCorrectionEffect QML Type

Perform conversion from linear color space to sRGB space. More...

Since: Kuesa 1.1


Detailed Description

This effects performs exposure correction, tone mapping and gamma correction in this order.

It uses a gamma of 2.2 to perform the correction, but this can be overridden if required.

Note: If using the ForwardRenderer FrameGraph, this effect is automatically added as the last step of the pipeline, after any user defined post processing effect. Therefore, you shouldn't need to instantiate this effect yourself if using that FrameGraph.

If you care about Tone Mapping implementation details, the algorithms in use are detailly explained here.

Property Documentation

[default] exposure : real

Exposure correction factor used before the linear to sRGB conversion.

[default] gamma : real

Holds the gamma value to use for gamma correction conversion that brings linear colors to sRGB colors.

[default] toneMappingAlgoritm : ToneMappingAndGammaCorrectionEffect.ToneMapping

Tone mapping specifies how we perform color conversion from HDR (high dynamic range) content to LDR (low dynamic range) content which our monitor displays.