Kuesa Runtime

View QML Type

View allows to specify the description of a rendered view of the scene. They are to be used along with the ForwardRenderer FrameGraph. More...

Since: Kuesa 1.3
Instantiates: View


Detailed Description

View allows to specify the rendering description for a rendered view of the scene. They are to be used along with the ForwardRenderer FrameGraph.

This is especially useful to render on the same window multiple views of different subset of content coming from a glTF file and scene from different view points.

Views are rendered in the order in which they were added to the ForwardRenderer.

 ForwardRenderer {
     views: [
         View {
             camera: sceneCamera1
             viewport: Qt.rectf(0, 0, 0.5, 1)
         View {
             camera: sceneCamera2
             viewport: Qt.rectf(0.5, 0, 0.5, 1)
             layers: [ groundLayer ]

Property Documentation

backToFrontSorting : bool

Holds whether back to front sorting to render objects in back-to-front order is enabled. This is required for proper alpha blending rendering. Disabled by default.

camera : Entity

Holds the camera used to view the scene.

clearColor : color

Holds the color used to clear the screen at the start of each frame.

[default] exposure : real

Exposure correction factor used before the linear to sRGB conversion.

This property was introduced in Kuesa 1.3.

frustumCulling : bool

Holds whether frustum culling is enabled or not. Enabled by default.

[default] gamma : real

Holds the gamma value to use for gamma correction that brings linear colors to sRGB colors.

This property was introduced in Kuesa 1.3.

particlesEnabled : bool

Holds whether particles support is enabled. Disabled by default.

postProcessingEffects : list<AbstractPostProcessingEffect>

Holds the list of post processing effects.

In essence this will complete the FrameGraph tree with a dedicated subtree provided by the effect.

Lifetime of the subtree will be entirely managed by the ForwardRenderer.

Be aware that registering several effects of the same type might have unexpected behavior. It is advised against unless explicitly documented in the effect.

The FrameGraph tree is reconfigured upon replacing the list of effects.

reflectionTexture : Qt3DRender.AbstractTexture

Returns a 2D texture containing the reflections obtained from the reflection planes set for the View.

reflectionTextureSize : size

The size of the reflectionTexture. Defaults to 512x512. Increasing the size will lead to better reflections at the expense of more memory consumption.

skinning : bool

Holds whether skinned mesh support is required. Disabled by default.

[default] toneMappingAlgorithm : ToneMappingAndGammaCorrectionEffect.ToneMapping

Tone mapping specifies how we perform color conversion from HDR (high dynamic range) content to LDR (low dynamic range) content which our monitor displays.

This property was introduced in Kuesa 1.3.

[default] usesStencilMask : bool

Enables/disables stencil buffers. If true, stencil operations be used during the render phase to modify the stencil buffer. The resulting stencil buffer can later be used to apply post process effect to only part of the scene

This property was introduced in Kuesa 1.3.

viewportRect : rect

Holds the viewport rectangle from within which the rendering will occur. Rectangle is in normalized coordinates.

zFilling : bool

Holds whether multi-pass zFilling support is enabled. Disabled by default.