Kuesa Runtime

UnlitProperties QML Type

Kuesa.UnlitProperties hold the properties of a simple material without shading. It implements the KHR_materials_unlit extension from glTF 2.0. More...

Since: Kuesa 1.1
Instantiates: UnlitProperties

Detailed Description

The UnlitProperties consists of the following properties:

For a particular point of an object, the base color is computed as baseColorFactor*baseColorMap*vertexColor. The vertexColor is the interpolated value of the vertex color property of the mesh to which the material is applied.

Kuesa.UnlitProperties also supports alpha blending and alpha cutoff. Alpha blending is used to simulate transparent materials, like a glass, while alpha cutoff is used to discard fragment that have an alpha value below a threshold. This is useful to render grass or trees for example.

Kuesa.UnlitProperties supports two texture coordinate sets for each map. To specify the texture coordinate set a map must use, you can set the <map>UsesTexCoord1 property to true or false. If it's false, it will use the 0th coordinate set of the primitive, attached to 'defaultTextureCoordinateAttributeName` attribute. If it's true, it will use the 1st coordinate set of the primitive, attached to 'defaultTextureCoordinate1AttributeName`.

A more complete description of the material can be found in https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF/tree/master/extensions/2.0/Khronos/KHR_materials_unlit