Kuesa Runtime

MetallicRoughnessEffect QML Type

Kuesa.MetallicRoughnessEffect is a Qt3D.Render.Effect for Kuesa.MetallicRoughnessMaterial. More...

Since: Kuesa 1.0
Instantiates: MetallicRoughnessEffect


Detailed Description

It provides several properties used to configure the material effect. This is done using a custom shader graph and activating/deactivating different set of nodes of the graph depending on the effect configuration.

Note: Kuesa.MetallicRoughnessEffect is used to configure the effect for a material, but property values must be provided through Kuesa.MetallicRoughnessMaterial. Therefore, this effect must be added to a Kuesa.MetallicRoughnessMaterial.

See also Kuesa::MetallicRoughnessEffect.

Property Documentation

ambientOcclusionMapEnabled : bool

True to enbale the effect support for ambient occlusion texture

baseColorMapEnabled : bool

True to enable the effect support to specify base color propery with textures

brdfLUT : Qt3DRender.AbstractTexture

brdfLUT references a texture containing lookup tables for the split sum approximation in the PBR rendering. This is used internally by the material.

When creating an instance of Kuesa::MetallicRoughnessMaterial, users should assign a texture to this property of the effect. A shared instance can be retrieved from the Kuesa::TextureCollection using the name "_kuesa_brdfLUT"

This property was introduced in Kuesa 1.1.

emissiveMapEnabled : bool

True to enable the effect support to specify emissive property with txtures

metalRoughMapEnabled : bool

True to enable the effect support to specify metalness and roughness properties with textures

normalMapEnabled : bool

True to enable the effect support for normal maps