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MetallicRoughnessMaterial QML Type

Kuesa.MetallicRoughnessMaterial is a ready to use physically based rendering (PBR) material based on the glTF 2.0 material description. More...

Since: Kuesa 1.0
Instantiates: MetallicRoughnessMaterial


Detailed Description

It is configured through the set of properties held on the MetallicRoughnessProperties instance it can receive.

Note: Kuesa.MetallicRoughnessMaterial is implemented using a custom shader graph. Some changes in the properties will activate or deactivate some nodes of the shader graph and will trigger a recompilation of the shader. It is recommended to create the variations of the material that you need once up front at application initialisation time.

Note: The effect behind this material needs a brdfLut texture. If the brdfLut texture in the effect is not set and the material is added to a subtree of a Kuesa.SceneEntity, it will look for the Kuesa.SceneEntity and will use the brdfLut texture in the texture collection.

See also Kuesa::MetallicRoughnessProperties.

Property Documentation

materialProperties : MetallicRoughnessProperties

The properties defining the appearance of the material.

This property was introduced in Kuesa 1.2.