Kuesa Runtime

BloomEffect QML Type

Post-processing effect for blurring the bright parts of a scene. More...

Since: Kuesa 1.0


Detailed Description

BloomEffect is a post-processing effect that applies a blur to the brightest parts of scene to simulate a fuzzy glow.

The effect can be configured to change the threshold defining the bright parts of the scene and the amount of blurring to apply.

The BloomEffect is a combination of the ThresholdEffect and the GaussianBlurEffect.

 import Kuesa 1.1 as Kuesa
 import Kuesa.Effects 1.1
 Kuesa.SceneEnity {
     id: root
     components: [
         RenderSettings {
              Kuesa.ForwardRenderer {
                  postProcessingEffects: [
                      BloomEffect {
                          threshold: 0.5
                          blurPassCount: 2

Property Documentation

blurPassCount : int

the number of blur passes

This is the number of times to apply the blur to the bright parts of the scene. More passes result in stronger blurring effect but take longer to render.

threshold : real

the brightness level determining which pixels the effect are applied to

This value determines how bright something has to be for the bloom effect to be applied to it. Any pixels below the threshold are ignored.