Kuesa Runtime

GaussianBlurEffect QML Type

Post-processing effect for blurring the scene. More...

Since: Kuesa 1.0


Detailed Description

GaussianBlurEffect is a post-processing effect that applies a Gaussian blur to the scene. The amount of blurring can be adjusted using the blurPassCount property.

 import Kuesa 1.1 as Kuesa
 import Kuesa.Effects 1.1

 Kuesa.SceneEnity {
     id: root
     components: [
         RenderSettings {
              Kuesa.ForwardRenderer {
                  postProcessingEffects: [
                      GaussianBlurEffect {
                          blurPassCount: 2


Blur effect applied on a Kuesa scene.

Note: Increasing the number of passes too high may adversely impact rendering performance, especially on lower-end GPUs.

Property Documentation

blurPassCount : int

the number of blur passes

This is the number of times to apply the blur filter. More passes result in stronger blurring effect but take longer to render.