Kuesa Runtime

View3D QML Type

Convenience wrapper around Scene3D and KuesaUtils::View3DScene. More...

Detailed Description

View3D forwards all properties defined on View3DScene. It makes it convenient to instantiate a Kuesa 3D view capable of being integrated in a QtQuick application.

 import QtQuick 2.15
 import Kuesa 1.3 as Kuesa

 Item {
     id: root

     KuesaUtils.View3D {
         id: scene3D
         anchors.fill: parent
         source: "qrc:/car.gltf"
         camera: "CamSweep_Orientation"
         animations: [
             Kuesa.AnimationPlayer { name: "SomeAnimation"; loops: 2; running: true }
         transformTrackers: [
             Kuesa.TransformTracker { id: myTracker; name: "SomeNodeName" },

     Text {
         id: innerText
         // Bind position and opacity to myTracker' properties
         readonly property point position: motorTracker.screenPosition
         x: position.x - implicitWidth * 0.5
         y: position.y - implicitHeight * 0.5
         opacity: 0.5 * motorTracker.translation.y

By default it will draw to a single View if no SceneConfiguration referencing one or more ViewConfiguration instances is set on the activeScene.

Therefore, keep in mind that resources that are camera / view dependent such as those set onto the transformTrackers, placeholderTrackers or layerNames properties of the View3D only work for that default single View.