Kuesa Runtime

Skybox QML Type

Kuesa.SkyBox is a convenience Qt3D.Core.Entity subclass used to insert a skybox in a 3D scene. Unlike SkyboxEntity from Qt3D.Extras, its implementation is compatible with the Kuesa provided default framegraph. More...

Since: Kuesa 1.0
Instantiates: Skybox


Detailed Description

Be sure to disable frustum culling in the FrameGraph through which the skybox rendering happens.

Note: Please note that you shouldn't try to render a skybox with an orthographic projection.

Kuesa.Skybox uses a baseName and an extension for the textures that will be used for the skybox. Depending on the skybox extension, Kuesa will create different textures to be used as skybox.

See also extension and baseName.

Property Documentation

baseName : string

Base name for the texture(s) that will be used as skybox

extension : string

The extension of the skybox texture.