Kuesa Runtime

ReflectionPlane QML Type

Specifies a reflection plane for a View of the scene. More...

Since: Kuesa 1.3
Instantiates: ReflectionPlane


Detailed Description

The ReflectionPlane element allows to provide the information required to perform planar reflections. It expects a plane equation to be provided. Aditionally, a set of visible layers can also be provided to restrict what the reflections will display.

 ForwardRenderer {
     reflectionPlanes: [
         ReflectionPlane {
             equation: Qt.vector4d(0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0)
             layers: [ sceneLayer ]

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Property Documentation

equation : vector4d

Holds the plane equation as a vector4d in the form Ax + By + Cz = D where the plane normal is (A, B, C).