Kuesa Runtime

IroMatteOpaqueProperties QML Type

Kuesa::IroMatteOpaqueProperties holds the properties controlling the visual appearance of a IroMatteOpaqueMaterial instance. More...

Since: Kuesa 1.2
Instantiates: IroMatteOpaqueProperties


Detailed Description

Property Documentation

matteFilter : QVector3D

Specifies the color filter to be applied on the matte map lookup.

matteGain : float

Specifies the gain applied to the rgb components of the matte map lookup.

postGain : float

Specifies the gain factor to be applied to the final result.

postVertexColor : float

Specifies the factor which controls how much of the per vertex color we want to transmit.

usesMatteMap : bool

Specifies whether we use a matte map or not.

uvOffset : QVector2D

Applies an offset to texture lookup.