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Iro2GlassSemMaterial QML Type

Kuesa::Iro2GlassSemMaterial is a simple material in terms of rendering that relies on a 2d spherical environment map to render transparent, glass like material. It performs 2 render passes. The first one performs multiplicative blending using the glass filter simulating the tint of the glass. The second pass performs additive blending for the reflections. This variant uses a fake normal map and SEM reflection, see Iro2GlassEquiRect to use a real normal map and equi-rectangular projection. More...

Since: Kuesa 1.3
Instantiates: Iro2GlassSemMaterial


Detailed Description

Property Documentation

materialProperties : Iro2GlassSemProperties

The properties defining the appearance of the material.

This property was introduced in Kuesa 1.3.