Kuesa Runtime

DepthOfFieldEffect QML Type

Post-processing effect implementation of a depth of field. More...

Since: Kuesa 1.1


Detailed Description

DepthOfFieldEffect implements an effect which simulates a more realistic camera behaviour, where only part of the scene is in-focus, and very far & very close objects are out-of-focus and thus blurred.

 import Kuesa 1.1 as Kuesa
 import Kuesa.Effects 1.1

 Kuesa.SceneEnity {
     id: root
     components: [
         RenderSettings {
             Kuesa.ForwardRenderer {
                 postProcessingEffects: [
                     DepthOfFieldEffect {
                         radius: 10.0
                         focusDistance: 100.0f
                         focusRange: 25.0f


Depth-of-field effect applied on a Kuesa scene.

Property Documentation

focusDistance : float

adjusts the focal distance.

This adjusts the focal distance, that is, the objects at this distance from the camera will be focused; those too close or too far away will be blurred.

Distance 5.0Distance 8.0

See also DepthOfFieldEffect::focusRange.

focusRange : float

adjusts the breadth of the area which will be in focus.

This adjusts the size of the part of the scene which will be in focus. At 0.0, everything will be blurred. The bigger the value, the more of the scene will be in focus, centered on the focusDistance.

Range 2.0Range 8.0

See also DepthOfFieldEffect::focusDistance.

radius : float

adjusts the radius of the depth of field effect.

The bigger the radius is, the more the out-of-focus objects will appear to be blurred.

Radius 4.0Radius 42.0